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What is A Tower AC? Why is Standing AC better?

Tower AC is a type of air conditioner. Like you might have seen split AC in homes. Tower AC are generally used where the high volume of air is to be circulated like in gyms, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, etc. It is feasible to have this where the central system and split AC are having constraints in execution. Also where the AC unit is to be hidden and not to be shown to the guest (in hotels) tower AC is used.

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If you want to save money, then it is better if you go for one where you do not have to pay a hefty sum for your AC. Many companies have now come up with the idea of Tower AC. For example, if you buy Blue Star tower AC, you do not have to buy the inner and the external units separately. There are many advantages or positive reviews that the customers have posted so that would come in handy in case you want to analyze the features of the various models available in the market. They are also popularly known as Standing AC.

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Benefits of Buying Tower AC over Window and Split AC

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Tower (Standing) AC – the efficient and fast cooling ac!


1. Lloyd Standing AC

It gives you access to that new cool experience that you would not find anywhere else. They have a low voltage startup that does not consume a lot of energy while working or when switched on. They are very easy to maintain and all the filters and the panels could be easily attached or detached if you want to clean them. The air conditioner has many features that would leave you mesmerized. It maintains an equivalent level of humidity mostly during the time of monsoon. You would be amazed to know that most of the customers who had purchases Lloyd tower AC have said that they are happy with what the product has to offer and do not ask for more.

lloyd tower ac2. Voltas Tower AC

It comes in a sleek and very mature design. The designers and engineers have come up with a way to combine technology and look together. They have turbo air throw which it helps in the cooling of larger spaces and has durable pads in a honeycomb style. They provide you with uniform cooling and a sleek design which helps to fit it anywhere from small to big spaces.

It has a fan blower and castor wheels with the help of which you could move it from one region to another without putting yourself in any kind of trouble. It also has an air cooler ice chamber. According to the various reviews and comments by the various customers. The product has been a hit among the customers who are happy that they have purchased it. It also has a dust filter, thus if you are allergic to bacteria, pollen, and dust particles, it eliminates them with the help of their powerful filter.

voltas tower ac 3. Blue Star Standing AC

It is one of the most reputed companies that have some of the best designs and technological improvisation under their sleeves. Blue Star tower AC gives you a versatile solution to all your problems regarding air conditioning. They have an anti-corrosive blue fin condenser which does not let the machine get damaged so easily. It has an anti-freezing thermostat. With a powder-coated outer body and having an auto mode, you could easily set a timer. If you want a good night’s sleep and have a fresh start then you should definitely set a timer. Blue star tower AC provides you with an efficient way of cooling and multiple features. They could be easily installed but more so moved from one region to another. Thus, here you have an advantage where you do not have to install different AC everywhere and just remove it and reinstall it again.   

standing ac

4. Daikin Tower AC

It is very much advantageous for those who are not comfortable breaking their brick wall and installing AC. For efficient and fast cooling Daikin tower AC is the perfect solution. Some of the most salient features of this AC are bacteria removal technology; it has a very powerful filter that helps in the removal of all the bacteria and other dust particles. It has durable filters and has self-diagnosis functionality and many such uncountable features.

tower ac5. Hitachi Standing AC

is a Japanese brand with products that are 100%safe and made using modern technology. It has removal panels and filters. They maintain the humidity levels accurately so that you would not feel that blistering hot wind that is blowing outside the room. It has got two air swing function that could cool down a large room and eliminate any kind of excessive moisture. Hitachi tower AC is such an example that creates such a cool comfortable atmosphere keeping all your needs in mind.

hitachi standing ac priceHitachi builds products that are of international standard and they never compromise with quality. Therefore, they are rated with the 5-star helping you save money. It does not consume a lot of energy and thus saves electricity as well. If you are thinking about making an investment in tower AC, then buy something that would last for years. Make a smart decision this summer and bring home Tower AC that provides you with premium cooling and salient features having the latest inbuilt technology. 

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Above mentioned tower (Standing) Air Conditioners are among the best in 2020.

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