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Features and specifications of O General AC with reviews

Need for an AC

Having an AC at home is necessary in current times. ACs are no more a luxury item, but an item of need, The increase in the heat during summer seasons have made it impossible for people to stay at home without an AC. O General AC is a great choice for people who want to purchase a good AC at good price without having to spend huge amounts.

O General ACs

There are many companies in the market which sells good ACs, but O General AC is one such AC which can give you everything you need at affordable prices. Why would you go for something expensive when you can find something better at an affordable price. O general AC has features which are not found in many ACs of the same range.

What makes O General AC unique?

  • Extreme Air Flow – Tropical Innovation Series
  • Extreme Cooling – Tropical Inverter Series
  • Uninterrupted Cooling even in Extreme Voltages – Tropical Inverter Series

Types of O General Air Conditioners

  • Window
  • Hi Wall
  • Inverter Hot and Cold
  • Inverter Multi Hot and Cold
  • Cassette
  • Ducted
  • VRF System

O General Ac provides you with a plethora of choices among their different kinds of ACs. You can choose between O General Split AC, O General Inverter AC and O General Window AC for your home. All of the O General AC has certain features which would be much required by you and this is the best choice for you. The reasons to choose O General Ac are mentioned below.

Top reasons to buy O General AC and their reviews!

  • Auto Restart: O General AC has the auto restart feature which is an optional feature and can be used when needed. The auto restart feature in the O General Window AC works by setting a timer at which you would want the AC to restart itself. This would save you the effort of switching on the AC when you go to sleep or when you are resting. O General Split AC also has this feature which gives you the benefit of setting affixed time when you want the AC to start on its own. It can be during night time when you might be too tired to even switch on the AC after a hard working day.
  • Quiet Functioning: This is an excellent feature in O General Inverter AC and all other O General AC. The Ac would not make the usual sound that it makes while running and hence the peace and quiet would be maintained in the room. Having a weird noise constantly playing at your ears can be quite irritating. Hence the quiet operation feature is a one step forward in the decision to choose an AC for your home. The quiet functioning feature will ensure that no sounds are made when the AC is running.
  • Sleep Timer: This feature is somewhat similar to the auto restart feature. You can set the timer in your O General AC which would enable it to switch off at your given time. You might not need to run the AC the whole night or the whole afternoon. You would have to wake up in the middle of your sleep just to switch off the AC. This could be problematic as you might not be able to go back to sleep once it breaks. During these scenarios having the sleep timer feature of the O, General AC is advantageous since you can have a sound sleep without having to worry about switching off your AC. Set the timer and the AC would switch off on its own.
  • Double Automatic Swing: The swing feature is present in every Ac but not all ACs have double automatic swing feature. O General AC has a double auto swing which means that the flaps of the AC would swing both horizontally and vertically ensuring that every corner of the room is cooled. You do not have to place your bed according to the AC as O General AC would cool you no matter where you sleep in the room. This feature would be extremely beneficial if you have an AC in a big room. The cooling effect might not be similar in all places. But with O General AC you can rest assured that every portion of the room would be equally cooled.
  • Removes Moisture From The Air: Most ACs could make the atmosphere of the room humid and wet if it runs for a long time. O General AC has moisture removal feature which ensures that no humidity is present in the air and the air remains dry leaving only a cooling effect on your skin. This feature is good since excessive humidity can make your skin and hair oily.

O General AC – your perfect air conditioning buddy!


O General AC is your perfect air conditioning buddy among all the others. Its extraordinary features at such affordable prices would be quite hard to find in this expensive era of appliances. Choose from the different model of O General AC to suit your needs.

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Above mentioned reasons are the best ways to but O General AC in 2020

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