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Air Conditioners – No more a Luxury!

Summers are at their very best in India these days. The sun is blazing with all its might and most parts of the country are seeing considerable rise in the mercury level. India is a country with varied extreme climates and witnesses a rise in temperature with each passing year. In such a hot and humid scenario, tolerating the harsh and cruel summers is getting more and more difficult. Now is the time when air conditioners are considered a boon and the greatest invention of all times. Gone are the times when air conditioners were a thing for a privileged society. The status of air conditioners has gone down from a luxury to a necessity. India being the summer struck country for the major part of the year, the air conditioning technology is slowly paving its way into the most common and even the poor households of India now. All thanks to the new advancements and technologies coming up with each day. There are a number of options on the market when it comes to the type of unit best suited for your space. 

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    Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

    Buy on amazon

    Split AC; 1.5 ton

    Energy Rating: 3 Star

    Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor

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    Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC

    Buy on amazon

    Split AC with inverter compressor: Variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation

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    Hitachi 2.0 Ton Split AC 3 Star

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    Koukin Filter: This Unique Anti-Bacterial Filter Prevents Bacterial Growth In The Air-Conditioner Thus Increasing The Efficiency Of The Air-Conditioner.

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    Hitachi RAW Window AC

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    Window AC; 1.5 ton capacity

    Energy Rating: 5 Star

    1 year warranty on product; 5 years warranty on compressor

Journey of air conditioners from a Luxury to a Necessity!

Need for a better lifestyle and different technological invention has created a significant market for luxury products to satiate your demand for comfort in your lifestyle. Air Conditioners rank quite higher among such products and their demand has increased in the past few decades with the increased urbanization and desire for a better lifestyle.

ACs have become the need of the hour. Due to global warming, the consistent rise in temperature has made it imperative to have an AC at home. To meet the increasing demand, the leading companies are plunging into the competition of making a common man’s life cool and comforting.  Air conditioners have managed to penetrate amongst all the classes and almost every household. Air conditioners have become an inevitable requirement and the increasing demand and supply have made the market competitive enough for the customers’ benefits.

Bewildering Facts!

  1. In 1736, members of Parliament cooled the rooms in the British House of Commons by hand-cranking a 7-foot blowing wheel. They called the man who cranked the wheel the Ventilator.
  2. Willis Carrier invented the AC in 1902 not to cool people down, but to reduce the humidity so that a printing company could get the ink to stick to the paper when it was too hot out.
  3. Air conditioning became something of a status symbol after World War II. Window units were so popular, over one million units were sold in 1953.
  4. When AC systems were first introduced, the output settings were measured in “Ice Power” – in other words, how many blocks of ice it would take to produce the same amount of cooling power. Now we call them AC units.
  5. Movie theaters were one of the first public places to have air conditioning, so to get everyone to come to the movies, theaters would release big pictures in the summer. Hence the term “summer blockbuster.”
  6. Kids can thank air conditioning for summer vacation – before air conditioners, it was too hot to learn during the summer, so the kids were granted a break and the idea stayed.
  7. Packard was the first automobile manufacturer to include air conditioning in their cars.
  8. The New York Stock Exchange Building in NYC was one of the first buildings to use air conditioning in 1903.
  9. Every spring, air conditioners have relieved millions of allergy sufferers by providing clean, filtered air.
  10. Scientific studies have shown that the introduction of air conditioning has actually lowered the natural human tolerance for heat.
  11. Advances in medicine also owe some thanks to air conditioning. Without having a cool, controlled environment, certain medicines and medical procedures would never have been possible. Even certain illnesses could have never been cured.

Know your air conditioner options better with this AC buying guide!

To combat the scorching sun, you need to understand the know-hows of an air conditioner. There are thousands of Acs in the Indian market which is a blessing because you have a gigantic platter to select from. This piece is your go-to guide to comprehend the difference between window ac vs. split ac. This also can sometimes lead to confusion. In such a dilemma, Explore, Compare and Choose should be your mantra!

At present, one has to choose from the types of ACs:  

  • Split AC
  • Window AC
  • Portable AC
  • Centrally air-conditioned systems

For small homes and with an average household budget, there are only two feasible options. First being a split AC best ac brand in India and second a window AC. There are a lot of aspects to differentiate the two and one can select as per their needs and arrangements.

Reading it further will give you a fair idea about the nuances of the two ACs and their functioning. Speaking in general, split ACs are considered better than window ACs due to their cooling capacity and power consumption. 

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    Micromax 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

    Buy on amazon

    1 Ton, 3 Star: For energy savings up to 15% (compared to Non-Inverter 1 Star)

    Auto Restart: No need to manually reset the settings post power-cut

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    Micromax 1.2 Ton 3 Star Split AC

    Buy on amazon

    Split AC; 1.2-ton capacity

    Energy Rating: 3 Star

    1 year comprehensive; 5 years on compressor

    Condenser coil: Copper

All you need to know about air conditioners in India!

Know the Difference between Window AC and Split AC

  1. Split ACs create less noise and hence are quieter than window ACs. 
  2. Their cooling effect is better, and they reduce the temperature of the room at a much faster pace. This is due to their better air distribution. 
  3. The greater surface area of their condenser coil, which is present in its outdoor unit, helps in increasing its cooling efficiency.
  4. Talking about the number of equipment needed, one can broadly say that a window AC is comprised of a single unit which fits on a window. 
  5. However, a split AC is divided into two units, one of which is placed outdoors while the other is placed indoors. The indoor unit is called an Evaporator, and the outdoor unit is referred to as a Compressor. These two units are connected through the wall. This affects the installation cost of both the ACs. 
  6. Window AC, being single units, do not cost much, whereas getting two units fixed through the wall can cost you quite a bit.
  7. Apart from cooling and installation cost, another critical factor to compare the air conditioners is by understanding the working of air conditioning regarding energy usage. 
  8. To know which AC is the best, it is essential to understand that a window AC consumes 500 to 1,440 watts of electricity to run, whereas a 1.5-ton Split Ac consumes 1,425 watts /hr, 1.425kwh, of electricity. 
  9. The energy consumed by split ACs may also vary depending on their capacity. One ton of split AC has the maximum load of 1,700 watt, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It typically uses about 1,200 watts of electricity.
  10. (For reader’s clarity: 1 tonne of cooling is the rate of heat removal required to freeze a metric ton (1,000 kg) of water at 0°C in 24 hours. As the enthalpy of fusion for water is 333.55 kJ/kg, a tone to refrigerate consumes 13,898 kJ/h (or 3.861 kW) 

The window ACs have a single unit whereas split ACs have two (indoor and outdoor).


A portable air conditioner (PAC) is a self-contained portable system ideal for cooling single rooms. They typically sit on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick set up. Most models also have wheels so you can move them to different rooms, making them a nice alternative to window units.


  1. One of the most distinguished features of portable ACs is their easy and DIY installation. With each unit comes a window kit with a small exhaust to evacuate the heat removed from the room.
  2. Portable ACs do not have any unit to protrude from your window. The nuisance of the units of window ACs – heavy hunks of metal hang precariously over sidewalks is totally avoided. 
  3. Portable ACs come with 100% mobility. You can move it from room to room depending on where you are and which area needs attention. Unlike a window and split unit that is installed and tends to remain in one spot, you can move your portable unit from your bedroom upstairs to your study downstairs should the need arise.
  4. You can also install a portable air conditioner to vent through a ceiling using a ceiling vent kit. A ceiling vent installation is extremely common with installing a portable air conditioner in a server room.
  5. They have mainly three operational modes mainly dehumidifier, air condition, and fan. 

Why is Portable AC better than Window AC or Split AC?

  • Portable ACs are most effective in dry, hot climates, as opposed to regions with extremely high humidity. 
  • Portable ACs give you the luxury of moving it with ease and are more energy efficient compared to the non-portable ones. 
  • Portable air conditioners are available in all the price segments and all capacity ranges. 
  • These floor standing air conditioners can sit even in compact places of your room, thereby saving the place for other things to put in. 
  • A single movable air conditioner is sufficient for your home as you can easily carry them wherever you want.

How to choose the best split AC for home use?

Buying an AC requires a lot of understanding and research in order to find out which AC is best. To ease your research, we provide you with a few questions to ask yourself and decide the brand and model only when you get satisfying answers to all your questions.

Which type of AC is better?

  1. The choice of window ac vs. split ac is the most fundamental thing to consider before purchasing an ac. 
  2. While both the types of ACs are suitable, it is up to you and your individual needs that the choice depends on. I
  3. In a split ac, the compressor sits outside the house, while in a window ac, the compressor is placed on the house’s window.
  4. Usually, installing a window ac covers up the window, which can sometimes be a nuisance as it would block air and light. 
  5. A split ac comparatively makes less noise than a window ac as for the latter the compressor is attached to the AC itself.
  6. In terms of price, window ACs are somewhat Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000 cheaper than split ACs when the tonnage and ratings are taken as constant factors.

Star rating of air conditioners!

  • Checking your AC’s, or any other product’s, BEE rating is also a crucial factor before buying an AC. 
  • BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a body that gives the rating to electrical products by the energy it consumes. 
  • Here, a high rated ac and a low rated ac can have vast differences in terms of energy efficiency.
  • For example, a split ac 1 ton with a 1-star rating would consume 843 units, while a 5-star ac with the same configuration would consume 554 units.
  • Energy efficiency is a factor that you should keep in mind as general ACs with low star ratings would be economical to buy, but in the end, incur more expenses.
  • Also, the ratings are revised from time to time as technology develops and the efficiency of an AC is enhanced. Hence, older ACs with a better score may not be as efficient as new ACs with a lower rating.

The capacity of the AC!

  • When you are buying an ac, the retailers will pop a question, asking what should be the capacity of the ac you desire – 1-ton ac, 1.5-ton ac, 2-ton ac, and so on.
  • A room with a large volume would have more units of heat present. Installing an ac of 1 ton for a 500 square feet room may not do the trick for you. Hence, it is essential to take the size of your room into consideration before getting yourself an ac.
  • Usually, a 1 ton split AC is optimal for a 120 sq.ft room. 
  • Also, you should consider the number of people and the electrical appliances present in the room. 
  • Since, people, as well as electrical devices, emit heat, the temperature of the room would increase. 
  • Hence, a 1-ton split ac should not be your preference for 120 sq.ft. Room. If your ceiling is also high, an ac of higher capacity would be optimal.

Inverter AC or a normal (non-inverter) AC?

  • Recently, there has been an upsurge of inverter ACs in the market. 
  • An inverter ac does not act as a power inverter but helps in altering the compressor’s power.
  • A standard ac, when it is switched on, starts the compress that functions until the desired temperature is attained. The compressor is switched off, but when the temperature changes, the compressor is switched on. 
  • This regular on and off process and the fact that the compressor is always at its full power results in high energy consumption. 
  • However, in an AC based on the inverter technology, the fan of the compressor adjusts as per the required temperature, resulting in fewer voltage fluctuations.
  • An inverter ac saves at least 10 percent of your expenses on electricity as compared to a non-inverter ac possessing the same configuration.

Where to buy an AC – online or from shops of retailers?

  • Online shopping is on a boom, and hence it has left people confused about where to buy their ACs from. 
  • Usually, a section of good online retailers such as Flipkart and Amazon are excellent places to get yourself an ac.
  • These websites offer discounts, and you can always opt for returning the products if you desire. 
  • The window ac or split ac price also varies from shops to sites.
  • However, you should go for online shopping websites only when you are sure of the ac you wish to purchase. 
  • If you are not, you should go to a retailer where a salesperson can help in finding which ac is best suited for you.
  • You can ask the salesperson about AC repair if you prefer a personal opinion than articles on the internet. Retail shops do give ac exchange offer but are limited. 
  • However, ac exchange offer is often available on online retailing websites. The salesperson can further help you understanding if an all-weather ac would be beneficial for you.

Things to keep in mind while buying AC

While varieties of ACs are available with various specifications in the market, it becomes difficult to select the right AC with required specifications for your space. Your choice of AC can either cut down your electricity bill or can shoot it up to new heights. Therefore, it is advisable to consider few factors while buying an air conditioner as per your needs.

The factors mentioned here will help you buy the best AC at the right price!


The capacity of the AC plays an important role in providing you with the comfort and coolness you are seeking. For rooms smaller than 150 sq. ft., a 1 ton AC is generally good enough to cool. Any space between 150 sq. ft. to 200sq ft. requires a 1.5 ton AC, while any space larger than 200sq.ft will require a 2 ton AC.


To cut down your electricity bill, you need to purchase the AC that provides the best cooling while consuming little power. The higher the star rating of the AC, the more efficient it is and light on your pocket. 


As there are hundreds of varieties and models of ACs available for you to choose, it is recommended for you to take some effort and study the market before purchasing one. You can search for best AC in India or visit showrooms for enquiries.


ACs with good dehumidification unit will reduce the humidity of your room to a good extent and provide you with increased coolness and comfort especially in monsoons. 

Installation and Warranty

The air conditioner which is rightly installed will work efficiently and for a longer period. It is important to get your AC installed by an authorized dealer. Also, check for the good after sales services to avoid the unnecessary hassle. Authorized dealers provide warranty of the gas leakage too. 


Each newly launched model comes with a different and unique feature to make it more saleable. Closely look at the features being offered by the brand you are buying, whether it meets your needs or not.

We Bring to you some of the Best AC Brands in India

best ac brands in India

A pool of options available in the market today can be as daunting as no options at all. The confusion caused by the warnings and advice of each person can leave you totally baffled but the best way out is to make a list of your requirements and match the list with descriptions and specifications of the air conditioners to make the best choice!

To help you choose the best, Green AC has acquired the best split and window air conditioners in India featuring the best specification at the most competitive prices under one roof. It also provides the potential buyers with the complete and honest reviews of the products displayed.

We list here some of the best AC brands in India that provide you with the wide array of specifications and newer models each day.


Samsung is a multinational group which was founded on 1 March 1938 by Lee Buyong Chul. Samsung Air Conditioners are well- known for its durability, designs, and in-built technology. It comes with the power to save technology and saves electricity. Samsung has built goodwill in the market of home appliances and is considered one of the most trusted brands in India.


One of the most trusted brands all over the globe for cooling solutions is Mitsubishi. It is amongst the world leaders in manufacturing air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi ACs not only manufactures residential grade air conditioners but also has Mitsubishi heavy industries ACs for the commercial and industrial use. It has air conditioning systems that provide exemplary performance in the wide-ranging climatic conditions.


Godrej was set up in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and its headquarters are located in Mumbai. Godrej Air conditioners are the second name for eco-friendly air conditioners. They make less noise and have many inbuilt automatic features within them. Godrej is a trusted brand all over India. 


Being a multinational company, Hitachi has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 1910. Hitachi Air Conditioners are durable, budget-friendly and most importantly long lasting. The Hitachi air conditioners are the first choice for corporate purpose buildings. 


Carrier AC was founded in 1915 as an independent American company at Charlotte, North Carilona. The industry manufactures and distributes (HVAC), Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems. The Carrier is the most reliable air conditioners available in the Indian market. The Carrier air conditioners were introduced as window ACs and the best part is that the carrier Window AC is still in demand and used in Indian Market. 


Voltas is a reputed brand in the field of home appliances and is a TATA Enterprise founded in 1954. It is India’s largest air conditioning company and is known for its quality service around the country. Voltas AC is trusted for its quality and durability. The auto mode functionality is the best feature present in it.


This brand came into existence 60 years ago. Driven by a never-ending thirst for innovation, it has evolved from being a compressor manufacturer to being one of the leading providers of air conditioning systems. The Panasonic AC has become one of the most widely used air conditioners as Panasonic has earned rave reputation for being among the leading brands in India. 


The LG group was founded in 5th January 1947 and has its headquarters in LG twin towers, Seoul by Koo in-Hwoi. LG has become an important brand in India and has earned a lot of consumers because of its after-sales services. The bestselling LG air conditioners are quite budget friendly and also come with a year or two warranties depending upon the offers with the product.

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    Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

    Buy on amazon

    Portable AC; 1-ton capacity

    Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor

    Anti-freeze thermostat

    Hydrophilic golden evaporator fins

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    Koryo Emerald Portable AC

    Buy on amazon

    1.2 Ton Capacity: Suitable for small sized rooms (<120 sq ft)

    Energy Rating: Portable AC’s do not have Star Rating Star

    Warranty: 1 year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on compressor

  • Big Product cart template

    LG Portable Air Conditioner

    Buy on amazon

    8, 000 BTU portable air conditioner with auto evaporation system

    Cools a room up to 200 sq. Ft. With up to 1.8 pints per hour dehumidification

    Top, inclined air discharge with auto swing louvers helps eliminate hot spots

  • Big Product cart template

    Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

    Buy on amazon

    It is Portable

    Capacity: 1 Ton AC

    Colour : White


Blue Star has earned a great reputation as India’s most innovative air-conditioning companies proving most energy-efficient split and windows Air Conditioners. According to the stats, one out of three ACs in commercial and industrial areas are from the brand Blue Star. Blue Star AC is regarded as the second most sought-after AC brand in India after Voltas.


Sansui is a Japanese company manufacturing air conditioners along with many other electronic devices. The well-known Japanese Technology in Sansui ACs give a cut-throat competition to every other leading AC manufacturing company in terms of innovation and technological advancements. 


Taking the Indian consumer durable market by storm, every Haier AC is stemmed from innovation and technology and has been inspired and designed keeping the day-to-day customer needs in mind that will transform the customer’s everyday living into inspired living. Today, consumers can buy any model of Haier split AC and be assured to reap the benefits of myriad features. 


Kenstar is one of the leading brands in the AC market. It offers a variety of features in its ACs which are available at an affordable price. Kenstar has been selling best split ac for home use and has won several accreditations for its quality products. Kenstar never fails at surprising its customers with its technological leaps and innovations.


O General AC is your perfect air conditioning buddy among all the others. O General AC is a great choice for people who want to purchase a good AC at good price without having to spend huge amounts. Its extraordinary features at such affordable prices would be quite hard to find in this expensive era of appliances.


Whirlpool, the reputed brand of America, bags huge positive Whirlpool AC review for offering customers with a decent range of air conditioners. Whirlpool ACs have elegant designs along with pioneering features. Along with pampering customers with contemporary designs of ACs, the Whirlpool AC service centre is also doing an impeccable job. The 3D cooling technology introduced in the Whirlpool AC is simply a path-breaking innovation.


The Japanese brand Daikin air conditioners are the ones that work quite effectively even when the temperatures hit 50oC. According to Daikin reviews, Daikin is the company well known for manufacturing low cost running and environment friendly ACs.


Micromax AC belongs to the international category and come with new technology and innovations every year. They have some of the top-notch features and are stylish and powerful which would provide you with the inspiration you need to buy an AC this year. 


Electrolux uses the finest Swedish technology to condition the air and make you feel good throughout the year. Electrolux is one such brand that manufactures top quality air conditioning systems that can take care of your home in every season. Electrolux AC introduced EuroHealth technology that looks after your overall health while you breathe the cool air.


Lloyd is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners. Lloyd window air conditioners, portable ACs, as well as split air conditioners are simple to use but the technology used in these ACs is cutting-edge. The company offers a variety of AC models which is perfect for any region. It doesn’t matter whether you live in harsh weather conditions or a place with mild and moderate temperature, Lloyd ACs will satisfy your demographic requirement.

Purchasing the right AC may seem like a daunting task, but trust me, your efforts will surely pay off. The rightly chosen air conditioner for your space will provide you comfort for a longer time efficiently while moderating your electricity bill. These are the basic factors you should consider while looking for ACs online or buying from a local dealer. It’s an investment for a very long term. You don’t replace your air conditioners every year, so choose wisely. Enjoy this scorching season in a chilled out way!

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